11 movies to watch this December – Update Howl

11 movies to watch this December (image credit: 20th Century Studies) Including Brendan Fraser’s Oscar-winning performance in The Whale, James Cameron’s Avatar sequel and ‘a cross between A Deadly Death and Miracle On 34th Street’ – Nicholas Barber lists this month’s must-see releases. (Credit: Picturehouse Entertainment) 1 Tori and Lokita Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne have … Read more

Wakanda Forever and the “Black Panther Effect” in Hollywood

However, Carter points out that while progress has been made on the small screen since 2018, “we’ve seen an increase in black leads in television since before [Black Panther]” – see shows like Rhimes’ hit political thriller Scandal (2012–2018), starring Kerry Washington as fixer Olivia Pope, and the sitcom Blackish , which premiered in 2014 … Read more

Why California keeps repeating the same election story

Does anyone else feel like the results of Tuesday’s California election were largely predictable? It’s true that county election officials still have more than 4.8 million ballots to count, according to Thursday’s estimates. And it’s true that some state legislative and U.S. House races are still too close and could stay that way for days … Read more